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Silicon has been the building block of technology for decades and is present in virtually every electronic device today, from phones to computers to automobiles. Noted as Si in the periodic table of elements, it is found in abundance on planet earth and is a semi-conductor whose electrical properties can be manipulated during wafer production to give it the required electrical properties for any high-tech need.

Silicon wafers, or Si wafers, are sliced into wafers from round cylinders call "ingots" which are grown to specific diameters depending on the size of the silicon wafers that are needed, which currently ranges from 50mm to 450mm or 2 inches to 18 inches. If you would like to learn more about how Si wafers are made, visit the links that can be found on our Silicon Education pages. Once they are sliced, they are then processed and polished to a mirror finish following either Prime silicon wafer specifications or Test silicon wafer specifications using standards that were developed by industry experts under the Semi International Standards umbrella (www.semi.org/standards)

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