WaferNet, Inc. offers blanket films services for an easy turn-key solution for our customers. Some standard products like Thermal Oxide Silicon Wafers in 1,000 angstrom and 5,000 angstrom thicknesses on 200mm silicon test wafers and 300mm silicon test wafers are available directly from our inventory. Other thicknesses of thermal oxide silicon wafers including ultra-thin 30 angstroms to ultra-thick 24,000 angstroms can also be sourced.

WaferNet utilizes unique industry alliances to provide silicon wafers in a wide range of diameters, grades, and specifications. Our extensive, on-site inventory allows us to quickly respond to large volume and complex requirements. Match your service needs with WaferNet's inventory by searching our summary of specifications or by filling out a service request form.

Need a custom service that is not listed? Connect with us via phone, fax or email to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Silicon Wafer Chip
Thermal Oxide30 angstroms - 24,000 angstroms+/- 5% WIWNU*
BPSG10,000 angstroms - 20,000 angstroms
Specify Boron and Phosphorus concentration
<=3% WIWNU
3mm edge exclusion Anneal available
PECVD TEOS1,700 angstroms - 30,000 angstroms<=2% WIWNU
3mm edge exclusion
PECVD HDP4,500 angstroms - 8,000 angstroms<=3% WIWNU
3mm edge exclusion
PECVD SiN1,000 angstroms - 5,000 angstroms<3% WIWNU
3mm edge exclusion

Barrier Films (Ta/TaN/Ti/TiN)100 angstroms - 2,000 angstromsSeveral CVD and PVD deposition tools available 3%-5% WIWNU*
Tungsten4,500 angstroms - 9,000 angstromsBoth CVD and PVD deposition tools available <3% WIWNU
PVD CopperUp to 15,000 angstroms<=5% WIWNU
Electroplated Copper10,000 angstroms - 15,000 angstroms<=4% WIWNU
3mm edge exclusion

Some customers will require a layer of SiO2 or silicon dioxide on their silicon wafers in order to create an electrical insulation layer on the bare silicon. These kinds of silicon wafers are referred to as Thermal Oxide silicon wafers because the SiO2 oxide layer is thermally grown at high temperature to a desired thickness on both sides of the wafer.

WaferNet stocks 200mm and 300mm Thermal Oxide Silicon Wafers in our inventory in standard 1,000 angstrom and 5,000 angstrom SiO2 thicknesses as a turn-key wafer and film solution for our customers. These are in stock and can usually ship the same day from our warehouse in San Jose, California.

Should you have a need for thermal oxide silicon wafers in other diameters or other thicknesses as thin as 140 angstroms or as thick as 15 microns, please contact us and let us know what you need by submitting a Service Request form or calling us at 1-866-WAFERNET.

Dia (mm)TypeGradeResistivity
200N/PFilms0.0 - 100.0675 - 775PolishedEtchedNotch1,000 angstromsQuick Quote
200N/PFilms0.0 - 100.0675 - 775PolishedEtchedNotch5,000 angstromsQuick Quote
300N/PFilms0.0 - 100.0750 - 800PolishedEtchedNotch1,000 angstromsQuick Quote
300N/PFilms0.0 - 100.0750 - 800PolishedEtchedNotch5,000 angstromsQuick Quote