Silicon wafers are graded based on the specifications to which they were manufactured. Both prime Si wafers and test Si wafers are round and shiny, but certain test wafer specifications are wider than Prime wafer specifications. For instance, the semi-standard thickness for a 100mm silicon wafer manufactured to test standards is 475um - 575um, however, the semi-standard thickness for a 100mm silicon wafer manufactured to Prime wafer standards is 500um - 550um. Note the tighter thickness requirement for the prime silicon wafer.

Below is a list of standard silicon test wafer specifications that are stocked at WaferNet's warehouse in San Jose, California. For your small diameter needs requiring 100mm silicon wafers also known as 4" silicon wafers, 75mm test wafers also known as 3" silicon wafers, or 50mm test wafers also knows as 2" silicon wafers, use our Quick Quote process to review silicon wafer pricing, place your order, and receive your order fast.

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FrontsideBacksideFlat CfgParticlesAction
50PBTest1.0 - 20.0250 - 300PolishedEtched2 Semi-Std Quick Quote
75PBTest1.0 - 20.0350 - 400PolishedEtched2 Semi-Std Quick Quote
100PBTest10.0 - 20.0475 - 575PolishedEtched1 Major<10@>0.30Quick Quote
150PBTest1.0 - 50.0575 - 675PolishedEtched1 Major<30@>0.30Quick Quote
200PBTest1.0 - 100.0700 - 750PolishedEtched1 Notch<30@>0.20Quick Quote
1.0 - 100.0750 - 800PolishedPolished1 Notch<100@>0.20Quick Quote
1.0 - 100.0900 - 950PolishedPolished1 Notch Quick Quote